President's Message

At the AGM on 25 April 2022, Interim President Mike Fleming delivered the following message. He was subsequently s acclaimed as FAUST President

Throughout the challenges presented to us in 2021-22, FAUST has maintained a positive working relationship with the employer with regular contact between the VPAR and the Interim FAUST President. There are two general patterns that have characterized this relationship during 2021-22: · Transparency around air quality and COVID: this has been satisfactory but it has required and continues to require much prodding. · It has been relatively quiet in terms of grievances (Jean Phillippe will provide more detail) 

COVID Challenges :  The single largest issue FAUST has faced over the last year has been the challenge of teaching in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the Fall semester and in the early part of the Winter semester, I remained in regular, often weekly contact, with the employer as FAUST sought clarification and transparency on issues of air quality, vaccination requirements, and returning to campus. General Thoughts · Evidence from other institutions in the province seems to point to STU’s handling of COVID being more collaborative than other NB universities · The COVID LOU signed by STU and FAUST is also unique and allowed for STU faculty members to have more input into teaching conditions than was achieved at other universities. Specific Achievements · August 2021: We met with management in August to address ongoing health and safety concerns around shared office space in HCH being used by part-time faculty and agreed that hand sanitizer would be installed in all shared office spaces. · September 2021: a faculty survey was implemented to assess concerns with returning to class and other COVID-related issues on campus. · November 2021: At FAUST’s insistence, we had a meeting with STU’s hired air quality consultant. o Determined most buildings were acceptable according to ASHRAE Code 62 o Repairs to be made to HCH. Required work to be completed by beginning of semester two (completed in January 2022). · December 2021: the LOU pertaining to pandemic-related faculty working conditions was renewed until the end of the summer 2022. Of particular concern was the continued suspension of course evaluations. 

FAUST Executive:  Throughout the year, your FAUST executive held regular monthly meetings. Some highlights include: · Operations – Approval of an e-vote mechanism for single-issue executive issues, allowing us to respond much more quickly to immediate needs. · Labour Relations – Members of the FAUST community participated regularly in Strike support activity, including monetary donations in support of striking workers and direct support on the picket lines, for example during the NB CUPE job action. We have also provided financial support for several Faculty Associations who were on strike this year, including the faculty at Université Sainte-Anne, the University of Lethbridge, and Acadia University. · Collegial Relations – We extended an official welcome to the new VP Finance, sharing our desire to build a positive relationship. We also met with KBRS regarding the search for a new President o JOINT COMMITTEE: The Joint Committee has been relatively active. Meetings on June 7, 2021, August 18, 2021, October 1, 2021, October 21, 2021, November 29, 2021 (LOU), December 16, January 19, 2022, and March 17, 2022. o One unresolved area of concern that needs additional attention is Section 5.01.1 of the PTCA (area of appointment for PT hires). · Outreach – meetings have been organized to address indigenization and tenure and promotion, as well as continued support for student-led promotion of divestment from fossil fuel. · Human Resources – Creation of the FAUST Assistant position, after our former Office Assistant resigned to pursue post-secondary education at STU. In August the HR Committee met to begin discussing the creation of a FAUST Assistant position, to be hired contractually for the academic year. o This position will be advertised to PT FAUST members first and the responsibilities will be negotiated by the FAUST executive annually. This year’s FAUST Assistant was Brad Votour. Brad’s primary responsibility has been bargaining research, including developing and compiling the results for the bargaining survey which was distributed last month. 

Collective Bargaining Preparations:  Bargaining Preparations continue. Current Collective Agreements expire in June. Our achievements thus far include: · Appointment of Chief Negotiator – Dr. Michael Boudreau · Departmental consultations and Bargaining surveys are completed. An additional meeting was held to address issues specifically related to the PT bargaining unit. · We are in the process of creating bargaining priorities which will be shared with the membership when ready. · There is still no word from the Administration to start bargaining. There is a possibility that a rollover ‘with sweeteners’ will be sought. 

FNBFA / CAUT Participation: FNBFA and CAUT meeting participation has been virtual throughout the 2021/22 academic year · FNBFA Meetings: the Interim President attended meetings on September 18, 2021 and November 20, 2021, in addition to participating in advocacy meetings with the NB Liberal Party and the People’s Alliance. · CAUT Council – held remotely. The Chief Negotiator, Bargaining Team, and Grievance Officer received additional training

Upcoming Issues in 2022-23 · 

 Collective bargaining · 

 COVID and the return to in-person teaching in the Fall of 2022 · 

Potential impact of declining enrollment

Respectfully Submitted by Mike Fleming March 21, 2022

The Faculty Association of the University of St. Thomas (FAUST) promotes the welfare and professional interests of the association and its members. It negotiates, obtains, and preserves employment conditions such as salary, financial security, working conditions, and all matters of employer-employee relations for members of the bargaining units. FAUST actively supports its members in attaining fair working conditions and benefits that foster quality teaching and research. FAUST also protects academic freedom, seniority, and tenure.

FAUST is a certified trade union under the Industrial Relations Act of New Brunswick. FAUST has two bargaining units: Full-time (certified in 1976) and part-time (certified in 1985).


Our Professional Officer, Bonnie Huskins, and our Office Assistant,  Tracey O'Brien preside over the FAUST office in Edmund Casey (51 Dineen Drive) , Room 215. They can help you with your questions about FAUST and your rights as a member of the bargaining unit. You are also welcome to direct questions to the FAUST President.