FAUST (Faculty Association of the University of St. Thomas) is a certified trade union under the Industrial Relations Act of New Brunswick with two bargaining units: full-time (certified in 1976) and part-time (certified in 1985).

As a trade union, FAUST is the sole collective bargaining agent for its members. It negotiates both the full-time and part-time collective agreements with the employer. Using these agreements, FAUST attempts to ensure fair working conditions, and protects academic freedom, tenure, and other benefits that foster quality teaching and research. FAUST has "carriage rights," which means that it alone is legally able to carry a grievance on behalf of a faculty member against the university administration. FAUST also engages in education and advocacy and supports solidarity efforts with other unions and community groups.


FAUST promotes the welfare and professional interests of the association and its members. It negotiates, obtains, and preserves employment conditions such as salary, financial security, working conditions, and all matters of employer-employee relations for members of the bargaining units. FAUST actively supports its members in attaining fair working conditions and benefits that foster quality teaching and research.

FAUST is committed to transparency and inclusiveness, and we have negotiated provisions that will ensure employment and pay equity. Nevertheless, problems do arise from time to time, and the Executive Committee works hard to advocate on behalf of members.

One of the stipulations of the Collective Agreements is that every new faculty member is entitled to receive a hard copy of the contract from the Administration. For your convenience, they can be found under the "Documents" section. On this website you will also find information about the Association, the Executive, committees, and information about your workplace.


All part-time and full-time faculty belong to the bargaining units, automatically pay dues, and are a voting member of the Association.

FAUST Executive

Gül Çalışkan


Gül Çalışkan is an Associate Professor of Global Sociology at St. Thomas University on unceded and unconquered territory of the Wəlastəkwiyik. Gül joined the Department of Sociology at STU in July 2013. She first got involved with the Faculty Association through committee work on the Employment Equity Committee (2014-2018) and Solidarity Committee (2016-2017). She has been a member of the FAUST executive since 2017. During her two terms as Vice President of FAUST, Gül has fulfilled the duties of the President during any temporary absence, and any duties assigned by either the President or the Executive Committee. In that capacity, she sat on boards of the Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations (FNBFA), United Campus Labour Council (UCLC), and Fredericton District Labour Council (FDLC). She attended CAUT Council meetings, and the CAUT Equity Conference. She is chairing the COVID-19 taskforce and is a member of the FAUST-STU Joint Committee, and Benefits Committee.

Mike Fleming

Vice President & Part-time Faculty Liaison

Mike Fleming is the Vice President of the FAUST executive and is a current member of the Collective Bargaining Team. Mike is a former STU student and earned his PhD in Sociology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. He holds an 18ch regular appointment as an Assistant Professor in Criminology and Sociology. 

Moira McLaughlin


Moira has served as the FAUST Treasurer for the last three years and served as treasurer for FNBFA from 2013 to 2017. She is currently on the FAUST Constitutional Review Committee and is a member of the bargaining team. Prof. McLaughlin is a part-time assistant professor in the Anthropology department where her specialties are forensic anthropology, evolution, and human variation.

Robin Vose

Past President & Senior Grievance Officer

FAUST Past-President Robin Vose also currently serves as Senior Grievance Officer. He is on the board of the National Union of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (NUCAUT), and served for six years as an executive member of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT). He teaches in the History Department.

Bonnie Huskins

Professional Officer

Bonnie Huskins is FAUST's Professional Officer and chairs the United Campus Labour Council. She is also Assistant Professor (part-time faculty) in the History Department at St. Thomas University and Adjunct Professor and Loyalist Studies Coordinator at the University of New Brunswick. Her research and publications focus on 18th-century sociability; loyalist freemasonry in the Maritimes; celebrations and commemorations; the evolution of loyalist and Acadian collective identities; the life and times of 18th-century British military engineer William Booth; and using diaries as historical sources. Dr. Huskins offers courses in British Atlantic World, the American Revolution, loyalists and loyalism, colonial North America, Indigenous and settler Canada, immigration history in Canada, women's history, and the history of Atlantic Canada. She received the Part-Time Excellence in Teaching Award at STU in 2018-19.

Janice Harvey

Member-at-Large & Part-time Faculty Liaison

Dr. Harvey is an Assistant Professor (sessional) in Environment and Society. She began teaching at STU in 2009, after serving for 25 years in senior positions at the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, a non-profit environmental advocacy organization. After asking some pointed questions during the 2018 annual members meeting, Janice was invited to join the FAUST executive as a Member-at-Large. While she has lots of other organizational experience (e.g. founding president of the New Brunswick Green Party and director of many other non-profits), she had never been active in a union. She seized the opportunity to peek inside the workings of FAUST, and is very grateful for the mentorship of the other experienced members over the past two years. Besides the executive, Janice serves on the FAUST Environment Committee and Constitutional Committee, and last year the Human Resources Committee.

Matthew Robinson


Matt Robinson is a Member-at-Large of the FAUST executive. He earned his B.A. from the University of King’s College (Halifax) and his M.A. from Dalhousie University. He earned his PhD in Philosophy from Boston College, and has worked at STU’s philosophy department as a full-time faculty member since 2012. His specialty is in Medieval philosophy, and he has growing interests in environmental ethics.

Shannonbrooke Murphy


Shannonbrooke Murphy is Endowed Chair in Human Rights and a full-time Assistant Professor in the Human Rights Department (LTA), having come to STU in 2019. Her research specialization is the human right to resist in international and constitutional law, and her teaching specialties include human rights advocacy outside the courtroom. This is her first service with a trade union, but she brings several decades of activist leadership in community and parliamentary contexts – including as part of the Irish Peace Process. Given a lifelong commitment to advancing the human right to self-determination of peoples and processes of decolonization, she has also joined FAUST’s Ad-Hoc Committtee on Indigenization of the Academy.

FAUST Office staff


Office Assistant

FAUST is in the process of hiring a new Office Assistant. We will update this section when the new Office Assistant starts.