What are Ad Hoc Committees?

  • Ad hoc commitees are member-driven initiatives, created at meetings of the FAUST general membership in response to member expressions of interest
  • Committee meetings are open to all Full-Time and Part-Time members of FAUST, and they always welcome new members.
  • Committees generally meet at least once or twice per semester, but may vary their meeting schedules to accommodate the schedules and interests of members.
  • Ad hoc committees report to the FAUST executive, which may provide funding and/or bring recommendations to the FAUST general membership as necessary.


Contact the Professional Officer at for information on joining a committee.


This committee is tasked with reviewing the FAUST constitution, and periodically making suggestions to the executive committee regarding possible improvements and amendments. Current Members: Moira McLaughlin, Hilary Randall, Robin Vose, and Janice Harvey

COVID-19 Taskforce

In contrast to broader COVID-19 initiatives serving the needs of the university, students, and other stakeholders, this task force is dedicated to faculty concerns and issues. The task force has a mandate to proactively anticipate, monitor, and remedy concerns relating to faculty working conditions, as embodied in the Full-Time and Part-Time Collective Agreements. Members can view the terms of reference here

Critical issues include but are not limited to:
• the implications of COVID-19 on workload and the balance between teaching, research, and service
• institutional support for developing best practises in liberal arts instruction
• assessing the expectations for promotion and tenure
• threats to academic freedom
• copyright issues
• academic misconduct
• the challenges faced by part time/contingent faculty
• equity issues raised by the new coronavirus situation
• health and safety concerns

Current Members: Gül Çalışkan, Amanda Dipaolo, Jamie Gillies, Corinne Hersey, Bonnie Huskins, Matthew Robinson, Fariba Solati, and Katherine Thorsteinson.


This committee brings together FAUST members who want to find ways of making our shared workplace healthier and more environmentally sustainable. Recognizing the important relationship between healthy working conditions, healthy communities, and a healthy environment, the committee highlights best practices and points to possible ways of moving forward. Current Members: Janice Harvey, Angela Wisniewski, Matthew Robinson, and Tyler Bancroft


This committee researches barriers to full participation by Indigenous peoples in higher education, as well as current issues emerging from efforts to expand such participation. Its primary focus is on examining ways that the FAUST collective agreements could better serve the interests and needs of Indigenous faculty working at St Thomas, while also ensuring that more such faculty are recruited, fairly treated, and retained. Current Members: Shannonbrooke Murphy, Robin Vose, and Shaunda Wood

Click here to view an ANSUT PowerPoint presentation on Indigenizing the Academy by David Newhouse.


This committee encourages ongoing discussions among FAUST members regarding ways in which the university’s information technology resources could be improved to better support our academic teaching and research work. Current Members: Anne-Drea Allison, Bradley Votour, Carey Watt, Derek Simon, and Julia Torrie.


In the event that negotiations with the employer are unsuccessful, the Job Action Committee's purpose is to best prepare members for the consequences of a strike or lock-out. Current Members: Brad Votour, Shaunda Wood, Mary Lou Babineau, Katie Thorsteinson, Csilla Dallos (consultation only), and Santiago Mora (consultation only)


This committee examines the recent history and current realities of sexual misconduct in academia, in hopes of identifying best practices to prevent and address such abuse. It seeks to make our campus workplace safer and more equitable for faculty, staff, and students alike.

Involvement in FAUST is recognized in the Full-Time Collective Agreement (Article 8.02.1 (d)) as service. One of the criteria for renewal, promotion, and tenure is "other contributions to the University, the professional field (where relevant), the Union, and the community." FAUST is YOUR Union. Service in the Union allows you to work for the betterment of university faculty as well as engage in other social justice initiatives.