Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I think I have a grievance or other concern?

Contact a member of the Grievance Committee: 

Who should I contact for basic questions related to the collective agreement?

Email the FAUST Professional Officer at or stop by the office in ECH room 211.

How can I set up a meeting with the FAUST President?

Email the FAUST President at

What should I do if I think I am being subjected to harassment or discrimination?

    1. Consult the Harassment and Discrimination Policy
    2. Contact a Complaints Officer

What should I do if I have been asked or required to take on additional duties?

Full-time faculty members have a duty to participate in University governance. As with Teaching and Research, such Service is protected by the principles of academic freedom. While NOT normally subject to additional compensation (beyond the terms of the collective agreement), no faculty member should feel obligated to undertake specific Service activities against their will. Please contact us if you feel that you are being improperly pressured to take on Service work.

Part-time faculty members are NOT normally expected to participate in University governance. Should you ever agree to do any work that goes beyond your contractual Teaching responsibilities, you must be fairly compensated via a further contract of Additional Duties. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

What if I teach off-campus?

FAUST offers compensation for travel-related expenses whenever union members teaching in remote locations wish to visit the Fredericton campus for union or professional development activities. Appropriate compensation is provided on a case-by case basis and generally requires submission of expense receipts.

If your contract specifies that a course is to be delivered off-campus, you may have additional rights and protections. Please contact for more information.

How can I support "Indigenization" of the Academy?

FAUST is committed to countering abusive colonial practices in university education, which have unfairly excluded and mis-represented Indigenous Peoples for generations. This is a complex, long-term project that requires serious investments of time and resources from all members of the university community. For some guiding principles, see the CAUT Policy. 

We now have an ad hoc committee on Indigenization of the Academic Workplace. If you are interested in becoming involved, contact

How do I find information about benefits and pensions for full-time faculty at STU?

There are Benefits Booklets in the plastic shelves outside the FAUST Office ECH 211; or a summary can be found online here

The Human Resources website contains links to policies, brochures, and forms for the following benefits: Accidental death and dismemberment, basic life insurance and optional life insurance for faculty members or spouses, health and dental, limited term disability, and the health-spending account. The website also contains information, statements and updates on STU's pension plan, group RRSP and tools for retirement planning.

Do part-time faculty have access to benefits?

Schedule B Employees are eligible for the university’s group insurance plans. 

Schedule B Employees and Part-time Employees who are receiving a Level II or Level III stipend become members of the pension plan subject to the regulations of the plan. (Contact Jason Scarbro Director of Human Resources and Faculty Relations, office: MMH 409, email:

Health Spending Account: all Schedule A and Regular Appointment Employees are eligible for a health allowance of $120 for each 3-credit-hour course taught. HR sends around a reminder informing you that monies have been deposited to your account. You may register and check the balance of your HSA on the Blue Cross website here.

Do I have access to tuition waivers at STU?

Yes. Full-Time and Part-Time Employees and retired employees have access to 100% tuition waivers; spouses and/or dependent children of Full-Time Employees or retired employees have access to 50% tuition waivers. Spouses and/or dependent children of Part-Time Employees receive a tuition reduction in proportion to the employee’s workload. More details can be found under STU's Tuition Waiver policy here.

How do I find out about professional development funding and research opportunities at STU?

For Full-Time members, consult the Full-Time Collective Agreement for information about the Professional Development Allowance.    

For Part-Time faculty, if you are a Schedule B Appointment, you have access to a Professional Development allowance.

All Part-Time Schedule A or Regular Appointment Employees are eligible for a Teaching Enhancement Allowance of $50 per 3-credit hour course. See the Part-Time Collective Agreement

All Part-Time & Full-Time faculty may obtain information on internal and external funding and other research opportunities at the STU Research Office: office: BMH 312, phone: 452-0647, email:, or consult the website.

How do I accommodate accessibility issues in the classroom?

Contact Student Services: phone: 453-7207 or 453-7216 or email:; also see the accessibility website

There is also a Student Accessibility handbook online as well as a UNB online resource here.

How do full-time faculty members find out about the availability of office space?

Contact a member of the Campus Planning Committee, found on this site.

How do part-time faculty members acquire office space?

There are two (2) shared work spaces (BMH 104 and ECH 20) which all part-time employees are eligible to use. To acquire a key for BMH 104 or a security code for ECH 20, please contact Ferne Stewart in Facilities Management (office: ECH 18, phone number: 452-9676, email:  

There are also five (5) private offices designated to accommodate three (3) Employees per office, as well as one (1) ‘bookable’ office which part-time employees may use for oral exams, student consultations and other appropriate activities. FAUST allocates spaces in the private offices (based on the number of courses being taught by each part-time member), and coordinates reservations for the bookable office. Contact for more information. 

How do I access my payroll advice slips electronically?

After setting up a WebAdvisor account, click on the Employees icon.

Where can I find STU's Emergency Procedures?

See the Facilities Emergency Procedures Booklet.

Onsite first aid and CPR providers at STU can be found here and first aid kit locations here.

How do I get building keys, audiovisual keys or office supplies such as printer cartridges or binders? 

Contact Ferne Stewart, the Office Coordinator of Facilities Management: office: ECH 18; phone: 452-0606; email:

Who do I contact if I lock myself out of my office? Or if my classroom is locke?

Contact Ferne Stewart, the Office Coordinator of Facilities Management: office: ECH 18; phone: 452-0606; email: 

After hours: contact UNB/STU Campus Security: phone: 453-4830, email:

How do I get my photocopier access code?

See your departmental assistant.

How do I obtain a faculty ID card?

You may upload your own ID photo and complete the entire process online:

How do I book a room for a meeting or special function?


How do I order a work request (for example: to repair a desk, etc.)?


How do I order refreshments for a meeting of special function?

Contact the Assistant Food Service Director for Aramark, Jerry MacMillan:  phone: 506-460-7604,  email: ; for the catering menu, see website.

How do I cancel a class?

If a class must be cancelled because of an unexpected occurrence such as the illness of the instructor, the instructor will notify the executive assistant of the Vice-President (Academic & Research), who will attempt to notify the students by posting the class cancellation on the website. The instructor will also notify the department chair. If an instructor may reasonably foresee their absence from a scheduled class, the prior approval of the appropriate Dean is required. You must submit a written request, including the anticipated dates of your absence, reasons for cancelling class, and any alternative or makeup activities/assignments which you have arranged. It is also your responsibility to inform students of foreseen absences and any alternative assignments/activities.  

For more information, see the class cancellation policy.

How do I know if classes have been cancelled due to inclement weather?

The decision about whether to close will be made by the University.  

Local media outlets are notified of a storm closure by 6:45 AM. Faculty should consult local radio stations for news of cancellations: 106.9 FM, 95.1 FM, 103.5 FM, 105 FM, 1260 AM.  

You may also call the university switchboard for cancellation updates: 452-0640.  

In cases where the university remains open, individual faculty members should use their own discretion in deciding whether to hold classes and/or report to work. If you decide to cancel classes, notify the office of the Vice-President (Academic & Research), as well as your department chair and department assistant.  

For more information, see the Storm Closure policy.

How do I use my office phone?

Internal calls: last 3 digits of number 

Local calls: Dial 9 + number 

Long distance calls: Dial 9 + 1 + area code + number (direct)Dial 9 + 0 + area code + number (operator assisted)Dial 9 + 0 (Operator) 

Call hold (single line phone): Press `Link’ + * + 70 

Call Pickup (single line phone): Press * + 72 

Call Transfer (single line phone): Press ‘Link’ + Extension number 

Conference Call (single line phone): Press ‘Link’ + Extension number + ‘Link’ 

Ring Again (single line phone): Press ‘Link’ + * + 73 

Call Forward (single line phone): Press * + 78 + Extension number + ‘Link’ 

Call Park (single line phone): Press ‘Link’ + * + 76 

Call Park Retrieve (single line phone): Press * + 77 + Extension number 

How do I set up my Voice Message System?: Press *99 , then Press # and your mailbox number (last 4 digits of your phone #). The system will ask you to enter your temporary password, which is your phone #, then you will be prompted to change your password. Follow the instructions in the tutorial to record your name and message. 

How do I check my Voice Message System for messages?: Press *99 and follow the prompts.

How do I access a STU telephone directory?

You can download the employee directory here and the campus directory here.   

How do I order textbooks for my classes?

To discuss any aspect of the textbook ordering process, contact Kimberley Giberson at the UNB Bookstore: phone: 458-7913 or email:  The link to place your textbook order is here

How do I check-out books and put materials on reserve at the library?

Your STU photo ID card acts as your library card.  For information on faculty support at the library (managing reserve readings, liaison librarians for departments etc…), go here and click on “Faculty” on the top of the page.  Click here for information on placing items on library reserve.

How do I check my course lists and submit my grades?

Set up an account on WebAdvisor for Faculty and follow the instructions

How do I obtain technical assistance (for computers, audio-visual equipment, etc.)?

Consult the ITS website.     

Contact or call the helpdesk at 452-0635

How do I access moodle, STU's e-learning platform?

Go to . If this is the first time you have used this site, you will need to have IT create a blank course for you. Follow the prompts.